Ahmad Faramarzi

Mr. Faramarzi is a registered Professional Engineer and a Certified PMP with over 35 years of experience providing management and engineering consulting services to government agencies, including DOE, DHS, DOD [OSD, Air Force, Army, Navy, Corps of Engineers], DTRA, IDA, NOAA, NRC and DNFSB, and Patent Office as well as private sector organizations and companies.

His technical expertise include safety/risk analysis and management, engineering design, technology evaluation, modeling and simulation utilizing computational and analytical methods, and government acquisition and contracting. He has applied this expertise to various domains including chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE); engineering and safety of defense nuclear facilities and disassembly of nuclear weapons; analysis and safety of chemical warfare agent demilitarization facilities and operations in US and Russia; nuclear and fossil energy research and technology assessment; satellite ground system station; water resources and environmental compliance; modeling and simulation of nuclear power plants; and biomimicry. Mr. Faramarzi has published in several peer-reviewed journals and made presentation at conferences. He has collaborated on research projects with Northeastern and George Washington University.

Mr. Faramarzi holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering for University of Oklahoma, an MS in Mechanical Engineering (combustion science) from Northeastern University, and an Engineer Degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (computational fluid dynamics and biomimicry) from George Washington University. He has taken other training classes at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, and George Mason University.

Prior to joining APMI, Mr. Faramarzi was a Senior Principal and Manager at Noblis, Inc. (Falls Church) for 16 years; a Senior Staff at The MITRE Corporation (McLean, VA) for 8 years; an Assistant Director at Devonrue (Boston, MA) for 2 years; a Project Manager at EPM, Inc. (Framingham, MA) for 7 years ; and a Mechanical/HVAC Engineer at PRC Harris, Corp (Boston, MA) for 2 years.

 Mr. Faramarzi enjoys team sports, is an avid volleyball and wallyball player, and manages sports tournaments. He is interested in learning and exploring new ideas in engineering and science, complexity and quantum mechanics, simulation and modeling, and social sciences. He lives with his wife, Patti, on a farm in Culpeper, VA.


Aerospace, Mechanical and Nuclear Eng.