Bob Edwards

BS Chemistry & MBA

Mr. Robert Edwards has more than 30 years of experience in various facets of environmental investigation and remediation.

Mr. Edwards has supported AFCEC and its predecessor organizations for 23 years. He developed the forensic chemistry program for AFCEC while conducting forensic investigations at Kirtland AFB (groundwater contamination with nitrate, and perchlorate—two investigations) and Camp Stanley (US Army) (extensive investigation of groundwater contamination with chlorinated solvents, and a soil gas investigation of PCE sources and transport).

Mr. Edwards has supported Air Force performance-based contracting acquisitions, serving on Technical Evaluation Teams. He has conducted extensive investigations in support of Technology Transfer and Demonstration projects. He served as the technical lead for demonstration of the first Iron-Permeable Reactive Barrier at an Air Force installation (Lowry AFB), phytoremediation of chlorinated solvents in groundwater (Cape Canaveral Air Station), and development of a field-transportable in trap mass spectrometer (AFCEE/Los Alamos National Lab). He also managed support by other staff to the Technology Transfer Program at AFCEE.

Mr. Edwards has performed numerous data quality assessments for Air Force installations and conducted numerous audits of environmental laboratories for the Air Force. He has also provided technical support to numerous Air Force installation restoration programs in CONUS, Alaska, and the Pacific Theater. He supported the Defense Logistics Agency-led cleanup of the Arctic Surplus Superfund site in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Prior to supporting the Air Force, Mr. Edwards was Director of a commercial environmental laboratory. He holds an MS in Chemistry and an MBA, and teaches Chemistry courses at the University of Texas.