Dr. Smith has 40 years of experience as a technical analyst, team leader, and manager for a wide variety of environmental and other types of projects for the military services, intelligence community, and civil federal agencies. He has participated on, led, and managed large and small project teams.

His areas of expertise include environmental impact analysis, analyzing the transport, fate, and effects of hazardous materials in the environment, and environmental issues related to national security and federal civil agency missions. He has used his expertise to analyze effects on air resources, terrestrial and wetland ecosystems, freshwater and marine aquatic ecosystems and environments, and groundwater systems.

Dr. Smith has applied his expertise to a variety of environmental issues important to the military and federal civil agencies. Some examples are preparing environmental impact statements, determining the effects of chemical and biological warfare agents in the environment, modeling and analyzing corn and cellulosic biofuel systems, and developing storm-surge models and visualizing the results for emergency managers. He has used classified imaging satellite systems to provide environmental data to federal civilian agencies.

Dr. Smith holds a PhD in Systems Ecology and Environmental Sciences from the University of Florida, an MS in Zoology from the University of North Carolina, and a BA in Biology from Emory University.

PhD Env. Engineering Sciences

MS Zoology & BA Biology

Wade Smith