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Analysis Planning and Management Institute

Commitment to Mission, Clients and Practical Solutions


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Independent Review

Independent review to assure that projects meet the highest scientific, engineering, and business management standards.


Sustainable Solutions

Multi-disciplinary expertise to develop innovative and effective sustainable solutions while bringing credibility to the process and public acceptance.


Resilient Infrastructure

Technical and business assistance to address challenges in modernizing our infrastructure to resiliency standards from natural stressors, particularly those resulting from climate change.

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Analysis, Planning and Management Institute (APMI) is a non-profit organization serving the public interest by engaging in scientific activities and providing independent engineering, management, and advisory services to U.S. government agencies and other organizations. We use science-based, innovative, and effective methods to address the complex issues that clients encounter. Delivering value through innovation is central to our mission.

APMI staff are experienced and astute specialists. We are engineers, scientists, analysts, and business professionals. We enjoy the challenge of finding new solutions and thrive in the camaraderie inherent in our practice. The Institute and our staff have proven track records of practical results and impeccable integrity. Our internal experts are complemented by a broad coalition of external experts from academia, industry, military, and government. We are committed to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity, and we have stringent policies in place to avoid conflicts of interest at both organizational and individual levels. APMI staff have direct experience working with multiple federal agencies, including OSD, DoD, DOI, EPA, NOAA, DHS, and DOE.

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