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About Us

Our people are our greatest asset. Through their vast experience and combined knowledge in science and engineering, we enthusiastically support our clients’ needs and individual mission requirements. We are passionate about making a measurable impact in all that we do by supporting our clients and their organization’s mission, and by providing science-based, unbiased advice. Our unique expertise and tailored approach delivers practical, enduring results. We take pride in always trying to do the right thing by our clients, our staff, the public, and our environment.

To maintain our edge, we conduct applied research that explores a successful pathway for technologies supporting globally-driven trends, such as climate change, resiliency, and sustainability. Our research focuses on concepts and strategies requiring multidisciplinary expertise and relevancy to a wide range of the nation’s current and future needs. Collaboration with other organizations in academia, government, and industry is critical to our continued success and growth. Our current research focuses on analysis and management of risks, adaptive management principles, and sustainable solutions in water resources, including coastal and inland waterways, ecosystems, flood risk management.

We have highly experienced staff, the majority of whom hold an advanced degree in various fields of science, engineering, and business. On average, each of our technical staff has 29 years of experience supporting academia private sector, and federal government civilian and DoD agencies.  Many of our staff are highly sought after to participate in critical peer review programs and projects.

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APMI recognizes the importance of innovation and multidisciplinary perspectives to providing objective, sustainable, and practical results facing our clients. Over the years, APMI has developed a vast network of experts from academia, industry, and government that we can reach out to through contracts, professional affiliations, and research and publication activities.  

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